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Enterprise DDI for modern network infrastructures

Connects your internal users, applications and devices

A modern, automated, software-based solution that delivers DNS, DHCP, IP Address Management, and traffic steering without the limitations, cost, and complexity of traditional DDI technologies.


Reduce Cost and Complexity

Our software based DDI solution avoids capex-heavy expenditures, hardware maintenance fees, and the need to “rip and replace” every 3-5 years. DNS can be scaled in seconds as your network grows without performance constraints such as compute capacity, queries per second (QPS), leases per second (LPS) or placement constraints imposed by hardware based deployments.

Modernize your DDI Infrastructure

Our API-first solution enables you to deliver and scale network services on premises, at remote locations, across cloud platforms and at the edge while automating DNS and IP address management. Traffic steering powered by our Filter ChainsTM technology simplifies canary release management, disaster recovery, internal content delivery and more.

Embrace Cloud and DevOps

Our deployment flexibility and centralized management eliminate the complexity of delivering network services across hybrid cloud environments by deploying a single DDI solution across multiple platforms. Our integrations and API/SDK framework enables NetOps and DevOps teams to easily integrate network services into their development and operations workflows.

How to Modernize Your Enterprise's DDI Experience with NS1

How to Modernize Your Enterprise's DDI Experience with NS1

Software defined, API-first DNS, DHCP and IPAM

Our software-based architecture empowers you to leverage modern frameworks like containers. Our solution is with a comprehensive catalog of APIs with supported client libraries for Python, Javascript, Go and PHP enabling network automation and direct integrations with technologies including Terraform and Ansible

Software defined 2x

Eliminate the cost , complexity and limitations of appliances

Elastically deploy, dynamically scale and automatically manage DDI in centralized and decentralized networks as well as provide connectivity across multiple deployment surfaces.

Deliver internal DNS and DHCP services at the source

Deploy lightweight containerized instances to provide internal DNS and DHCP services where they are needed: on-premises, remote locations, cloud and at the edge.

Automate network operations and mitigate risk

Improve your NetOps teams’ efficiency and decrease human errors. View, create & manage DNS records, public and private IPv4 and IPv6 networks as well as automate day-to-day IPAM activities.

Integrated Security and Access Controls

Our DDI solution provides integrated security, access controls and DNSSEC support. It also seamlessly integrates with Cisco Umbrella to enable effective DNS security inside and outside the firewall.

Integrated security 2x

Enforce Zero Trust Security principles

Ensure that your DDI infrastructures adheres to zero trust security principles by avoiding hole punching on internal firewalls

Improve management efficiency

Securely delegate DDI management across your teams using SSO, role based access controls and audit logs

Improve client visibility and reduce MTTR

Simplify identifying infected clients and make it easy for SecOps to respond to malicious activity defected by Cisco Umbrella

Tool-kit, CI/CD, cloud and eco-system integrations

NS1 Enterprise DDI integrates with a variety of commonly used solutions and toolkits used by Network Operations and DevOps teams.

Toolkit 2x

Make your NetOps and DevOps teams more agile

Empower your NetOps teams to safely provide self-service capabilities to developers and DevOps. Enable your teams to deploy infrastructure and roll out new features faster by integrating DNS management into CI/CD pipelines.

Unify Service Discovery across microservices

Automate service discovery in microservices environments by integrating our services with tools like Hashi Consul, K8 DNS integration and integrations with AWS RTE53*, GCP DNS* and Azure DNS*

Orchestrate application access in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments

Have one centrally managed DNS platform across multi-cloud VPCs and on prem. Deploy DNS serving nodes in the cloud and on prem, with containerized web and API endpoints located wherever they are needed.

Internal application traffic steering

Our patented Filter ChainTM technology enables advanced traffic steering policies with a few clicks based on location, weights, availability, stickiness and load to optimally manage internal applications. The data integrations provided by our technology platform allows you to leverage configuration, topology and infrastructure data to enable traffic routing decisions.

Active traffic steering 2x

Reduce downtime and improve availability

Provide your users with uninterrupted access to internal applications, web servers, FTP servers, and more by automatically detecting and routing traffic away from non-functioning servers

Improve performance of internal applications

Drive performance and availability of internal apps and across servers by steering traffic based on load and proximity to the requesting client.

Maximize your utilization of cloud platforms and manage peak demand by efficiently balancing traffic across private and public cloud environments.

Efficiently manage application roll-outs

Manage the roll-out of mission-critical applications such as ERP, custom databases, and custom applications by intelligently allocating traffic across different production and test environments.

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Built on a modern, API-first architecture, NS1 Enterprise DDI helps teams achieve agility, reduces costs, and improves IT efficiency.

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