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Active Traffic Steering

Automatically route traffic across complex network infrastructures based on real time performance data from actual end users. Pulsar balances ease of use with fine-grained control, allowing you to optimize KPIs—including performance, uptime, stability, cost and commit management.

Customized for
Your Business Needs

Powerful and easy to use, Pulsar simplifies implementation of custom routing policies that support your unique business needs. It gives you ultimate control over how your users are routed, helping you minimize costs, meet usage commits, and deploy real-time load balancing—all without sacrificing performance.

Intelligent Traffic Steering

Modern applications are dynamic and constantly evolving to get your content closer to your audience. Your traffic steering needs to be infrastructure- aware in order to get the most out of your investments. Pulsar makes it easy to orchestrate traffic across datacenters, clouds, and CDNs.

Guarantee the
Optimal End-User Experience

Take the guesswork out of matching end-users to the optimal delivery endpoint. Pulsar goes beyond geo-proximity, using last-mile performance data to reduce page load times, eliminate video buffering and increase download speeds—improving the application experience for each and every user.

Video Streaming

Whether you're delivering over-the-top or live streaming video services, Pulsar makes it easy to orchestrate multiple CDNs in order to avoid network congestion and outages. Flexible configuration tools allow you to fine-tune your routing policy to meet CDN usage commits or lower costs—while dynamic, predictive routing and CDN-switching ensure the best experience for each of your viewers.

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Pulsar Streaming

​Solving the Problem of Multi-CDN ​

A multi-CDN strategy boosts performance and lowers cost, but traditional DNS approaches are limited to simple geofencing and static load balancing between CDNs. Pulsar monitors all CDNs in your infrastructure and identifies any issues—even those affecting only a small subset of users in a specific region or ASN. It is the only solution that uses dynamic load balancing to direct users to the best-performing CDN. Compared to static load balancing, Pulsar improves performance by up to 30%.

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Pulsar Solving the Problem of Multi CDN

Georouting Is Not Enough

No longer is geographic proximity a viable enough solution for effective routing. Traditional DNS looks at a person’s location and directs them to the nearest point of presence—without accounting for things like network lag and latency, congestion, or link problems. Pulsar monitors and responds to these issues, improving application performance by up to 70% compared to geo-routing alone.

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Pulsar Georouting not Enough

Seamless DNS and Traffic Management

No need for a third-party or overlay solution. Pulsar integrates directly with NS1's next-generation traffic management platform and powerful Filter Chain, making it easy to create traffic management policies optimized for your business. This takes the burden away from in-house [DevOps/NetOps] teams and allows them to focus on higher-value work.

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Pulsar Seamless DNS and Traffic Managmenet

Pulsar Features


Real User Monitoring

NS1 collects billions of availability, latency and throughput measurements from actual end users worldwide giving you the most accurate representation of end user experience.


Turnkey Performance Steering

Real-time dynamic map of internet conditions across all major CDN and cloud providers readily available for immediate performance based routing.


Point-and-Click Configuration

Fully-integrated with the NS1 Filter Chain for powerful, simple and code-free configuration


Customizable for any infrastructure

Easily configure data collection from your own end users to your edge network to get exactly the data you need to meet your unique goals.


Automatic Response to Network Disruptions

As internet conditions change, automatic detection and correction shields your users from outages and localized network events.


Actionable Data for Capacity Planning

Easily identify areas where you should augment infrastructure to meet performance targets.


Compare and contrast your CDNs

Detailed reports on key performance metrics of your CDNs, clouds or data centers.


Analyze Traffic Distribution

Validate you're getting the traffic mix you desire, with full visibility into record-level routing decisions.

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